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For Oracle databases, use the Data Adapter with its associated Oracle Command and Oracle Connection objects.

When an instance of Data Adapter is created, the read/write properties are set to initial values.

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) in the IGList Adapter Updater that do not take in account model changes but just inserts and delete. Do I need to write my own adapter to manage the changes to the datamodel?

If I take a instance of a object and I edit it, both a and b will contain the change, so the object will always been seen as equal, even if it changed between 2 interactions of the datasource in the collection view.

Core Data uses mutable models when things change in the background, unfortunately.The Data Adapter provides this bridge by mapping Data Adapter.Fill(Data Set), which changes the data in the Data Set to match the data in the data source, and IData Adapter.However it’s hard to keep rules current and correct.If you spot a rule that is out of date, please email or if you are cool tweet me,or one of the people in above acknowledgements.

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Dim autogen As New Sql Command Builder(da) ' Load a data set. Fill(ds, "Categories") ' Get a reference to the "Categories" Data Table. This property contains an Sql Parameter Collection object that in turn contains one Sql Parameter object for each formal parameter.

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