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Under don Juan’s tutelage, Castaneda took peyote, talked to coyotes, turned into a crow, and learned how to fly. These debates range from a number of comparisons, like whose ship was faster, which was more scientifically possible and accurate, and even who the victor would be if the Federation went to war with the Empire.If you love science fiction in any other form, this is the place to let the world know. The film was shot at a place where there was an actual radiation hazard.I'll start with the films I love the most: 2001: A Space Odyssey - So slow that you could watch this film at 2.5x the speed for the most part. The special effects still don't look dated and that's a massive achievement for a film from 1968 (yes, 46 years ago! Small wonder the entire crew passed away less than 10 years after the film was released.From a sample of about 100,000 active e Harmony users, about 5,000 users listed ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’ as their favorite movie or TV show.Of this 5,000, 60 percent listed ‘Star Wars’ and 40 percent listed ‘Star Trek’ as their favorite.

There’s been, however, hardly a mention of the 20th century’s most successful literary trickster: Carlos Castaneda.His 12 books, supposedly based on meetings with a mysterious Indian shaman, don Juan, made the author, a graduate student in anthropology, a worldwide celebrity.Admirers included John Lennon, William Burroughs, Federico Fellini and Jim Morrison.If this name draws a blank for readers under 30, all they have to do is ask their parents.Deemed by Time magazine the “Godfather of the New Age,” Castaneda was the literary embodiment of the Woodstock era.

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Men were more likely to list either one as a favorite, with only 26 percent of ‘Star Wars’ fans and 31 percent of ‘Star Trek’ fans being women.

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