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), and I’m sure if I had I’d have all sorts of opinions about the changes made to the story.Gamekeeper Mellors’ motivation was a bit more opaque — he’s lower class, he’s in the war, he’s now a gamekeeper, the lady of the house wants a hug, suddenly they’re shagging in his hut. The timeline was moved earlier than most adaptations go, in order to focus on the effects of World War I on Sir Clifford (and then the resulting effects on his wife Connie). Constance Chatterley (Marina Hands) is a lovely woman in her mid twenties who is married to Sir Clifford Chatterley (Hippolyte Girardot), a wealthy British nobleman many years her senior who is paralyzed from the waist down due to an injury sustained during World War I. Lawrence's once-scandalous tale of a married woman who finds herself through an affair with another man is brought to the screen in this adaptation directed by Pascale Ferran.For her part, Connie is confused: she knows that she does not love Mellors, but is happy that he has been kind not to her personality--to her mind and intellect, which she is coming to believe are meaningless--but to "the female in her." The next day, they meet once again at the hut.Reverting to his Derbyshire dialect, he asks her whether she is not worried that people will find out about her affair with a commoner, but she throws caution to the wind; they have sex James Norton also stars in the BBC's retelling of DH Lawrence's famous 20th century novel.The team behind the drama have promised that it will be as raunchy as its source material, with producer Serena Cullen teasing that the sex scenes approach the limits of what can be shown on mainstream TV. Telling the story of an upper-class woman's affair with her gamekeeper, the book was only published uncensored in the UK in 1960, prompting a famous obscenity trial which Penguin Books won.

She goes more and more to the hut in the woods where Mellors, the gamekeeper, is breeding pheasants to hunt.

Yes, that’s definitely what is going on in his world, but putting it that way just makes me want to retch quietly in the corner.

And finally, apparently there are two drafts of the novel’s ending, and this one goes VERY hopeful.

[Writer/director] Mercurio wanted to emphasise youth, as messed up by bombs and mines, rather than jaded adulthood.

Accordingly, the later of two ball scenes was costumed and soundtracked for 1919, not the mid-1920s of the novel ( I did feel like they went a bit heavy-handed on the gender-role-thing, particularly when Sir Clifford tells Lady Chatterley that he “ought to be a figure of potency” for her (ugh).

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Constance discovers Parkin is only half-dressed, and the physical strength of his body makes a strong impression on her.

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