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Only the grass is left in abundance on the fertile fells of the Eden Valley, bail after bail of it, bagged up in blue and black polythene and heaped across fields from the Solway Firth to the Lake District In the natural way of things, the grass would have been nibbled away by the valley's cattle and sheep, but they have been absent – about 40 per cent of the famous Swaledale sheep were culled during the foot-and-mouth epidemic – and Cumbrian farmers, who'll tell you there's something abhorrent about "untidy land", have shorn it to make silage.

Making money from silage is a challenge at present.

"While asset prices often seem to reflect fundamental values quite well, history provides striking examples to the contrary, in events commonly labelled as bubbles and crashes," it said.

Prof Shiller says markets are often driven by emotion; Prof Fama is the prophet of "rational markets", arguing that investors respond correctly to known facts.

The third winner is Lars Peter Hansen, a specialist in mathematical modelling.

Vujovic, Nikola Tesla’s name is now more recognized in America.

He dedicated many year of his life to Tesla research and promotion. Vujovic is the author of the documentary film : “Nikola Tesla: The Genius Who Lit the World”.

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