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[NSFW]." The minute-long video showed a naked man standing on top of a vehicle, and then running from San Antonio police officers down San Pedro Avenue just north of Downtown. Police received a complaint about him Wednesday afternoon.Although he was eventually caught, the police report for the incident is not yet available.See "Beside the Point." • The city's Charter Revision Committee, seeking more feedback on its discussion of single-member districts, posted an online survey this week, hoping "to capture input from all sectors of the Austin community," said committee Vice Chair Chad Williams.For more info, or to respond to the survey, see us/charter. 6, Catellus Development Group and Jamail & Smith Construction transplanted a 100-ton, 45-foot-tall pecan tree to Lake Park in the Mueller neighborhood development, taking seven hours with a 10-man crew.The punishments for such crimes include several thousand dollars in fines and potential jail time."We must begin by making the common rescue of the global environment the central organizing principle of the world community." – Former Vice President Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Dec.

The studios I post as Meetups meet at the Austin Visual Arts Association, 3707 Home Lane. , am-, Jim Mc Intyre's long pose sesssion at the Hancock Recreation Center, 811 East 41st Street, going strong for over 25 years! Usually 10 one-minute gestures, followed by two one-hour poses.

• City Council holds its final 2007 meeting today (Thurs­day), with its agenda including such intriguing tidbits as the purchase of another site for Water Treatment Plant No.

4, the creation of an African American Cultural Arts District, and a host of items to be named later.

Sometimes these juxtapositions work in her favor, as in a military thriller due out this month in which Stowe co-stars, with John Travolta, as Army rape investigator Sarah Sunhill. A lot of actresses were trying to play it very heavy and everything was a tragedy: the tragedy of the murder [of the rape victim] and then the tragedy of the unrequited love between her and the Travolta character.

The film’s director, Simon West, describes Stowe’s role as a difficult one to play because her character has to be no-nonsense and smart—someone you’d believe was in the Army—yet sexy enough to be Travolta’s unrequited love interest. But she sort of took it in a much lighter vein.” was being fine-tuned by West in Los Angeles as Stowe spoke about it thousands of miles away on her ranch just outside Fredericksburg.

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This tree, by far the largest among the 120 trees transplanted to Lake Park since early October, marks the final tree to be planted in the lakeside green space. 10 to indict Austin Police Detective Aaron Bishop for shooting 72-year-old Felix Rosales in October during an early-morning raid at Rosales' house in the Montopolis neighborhood.

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