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(Phone is too invasive, e-mail is too taxing, IM is too 2003.) Part of the problem is structural.

Even though we’re a full decade into the Texting Revolution, our tiny missives are sometimes rude, sometimes girly, and always confusing. This is all the more embarrassing when you consider that, with some exceptions, men prefer to text.

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The flacon is the same as its antecedent, but it is characterized by pink fluid this time. The citrus I smell is a sweet lemon but it's fresh and clean powdery. Recently smelled a whole bunch of different channels and this 1 was the pick for me. There's a little powderiness to it that I think elevates beyond a summer scent to something I would consider wearing year round. This is my first day wearing this perfume and I am in love!

This smells exactly like Lanvin Eclat De Fleur and very much like Cool Water Tender Sea Rose by Davidoff. But the question is, whether it's worth paying so much extra if it has a fragrance clone and a lookalike already that are priced considerably less and have a good staying power (especially Lanvin). It sounds more prestigious to say you're wearing Chanel, than Lanvin or Davidoff :)) I would say it'd be worth it if it really was a one of a kind scent.

I just got a small sample from Sephora but Definitely adding this to my wish list ! This is easy to wear , it's soft , light and only mildly peppery. I'll agree with most of the other reviewers, similar to MJ Daisy, nothing wrong with that, it's a decent perfume This is the perfect everyday scent for a young woman starting her career life.

At first I get grapefruit on my skin but after a minute it changes into a soft floral, but not so soft it goes unnoticed.

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The Gusher Sample texts: “I should probably look for a new job, but if I do that, I might lose my discount at the gym. He hates the phone, and he fails to grasp that texts should be used primarily for: (1) Logistics; (2) Friendly banter; (3) Flirting.

You had a really good point last night about—(3 of 7).” Not only does the Gusher think his life is more interesting than it really is, but he’s the over-texter (or, alternatively, blatherer). The Vanisher Sample texts: If you ask him a direct question, he’ll answer, but if it’s anything that can go either way? He views texts the way an Army radio operator views transmissions: Once the mission is complete, there’s no need for chitchat. Recipient: Maybe you texted him something funny, hoping to start some conversational pitter-patter. Is he blowing you off or did he see your text, chuckle, and just not realize that he should keep the ball rolling?

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