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Y&R success was due in part to Executive Producer Edward Scott (Melody Thomas Scott’s husband) – he had a 25 year partnership with William J. Y&R has held its own even at the peak of soap mania when there were up to 11 soaps on daytime and Edward J. In 2000 alone, Y&R received 28 Emmy Award nominations. Following Edward Scott’s departure Y&R hired William J Bell JR’s wife Marena Bell in 2007 and she was named Head Writer in 2008, co-executive producer in 2009. Ratings started plumenting after Edward Scott left, the story lines became unbelievable and lots of veteran actors and actresses were exiting.In 2012, Marena Bell left The Young and the Restless.Los Angeles airwaves will be getting a little quieter now that not only one, but two morning stalwarts are leaving.Brian Phelps, 53, of the syndicated morning duo "Mark & Brian," announced Friday that he is also leaving KLOS-FM (95.5)." is in the middle of a divorce and filed legal docs showing she's basically broke -- k in assets.Jill married Michael Chaykowsky and moved to New Jersey in 2004.she's getting divorced and has no source of income to support herself.Whelan, who also hilariously played the little girl with the IV tube in "Airplane!

Y&R’s first air date was March 26 1973 – it centered around two core families, the Brooks and The Abbotts, then later The Newmans were added.

“We’re the only media company that owns all of our IP, everywhere in the world, on every device.”As part of that IP spotlight, Discovery is reviving Cash Cab, which ran on the network from 2005 to 2012.

In this iteration, unsuspecting New York cab drivers will come into contact with celebrities.

"We're comedy soul mates." No launch date has been given for the podcast, but Phelps said on-air that he plans to take some time off to "recharge." Thompson and Phelps started on KLOS in September 1987, and their show now airs on a dozen West Coast stations.

"In a perfect world, the company would have worked with Brian figured out a deal that would have been struck. Perfect world." Thompson told the Daily News he will be leaving for North Carolina on Thursday with plans to get back into film. "As painful as this is I look forward to the time and the laughs and the new things we're going to come up with," Phelps said.

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TLC, which is up 20 percent in primetime, is bringing back Trading Spaces, the show’s most successful series ever, which “put property shows on the TV map,” said Nancy Daniels, president and general manager of TLC. And Science Channel is reviving Mythbusters, with new hosts Brian Louden and Jonathan Lung, who won Mythbusters: The Search last year.

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